Kevan Bamforth
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via Roma, 28 - 2 piano
25034 Orzinuovi (BS)
cell.: 320-6498059
KEVAN BAMFORTH has now worked with us since 2012. He is a native English speaker having worked with children, students and adults for over fourteen years. He has run our English workshops several times a year as well as organising our Summer Clubs in July and August. He has worked with local governments and schools organising their Summer Clubs, Workshops and supported the teachers of several primary and secondary schools in introducing their children and students to English conversation classes. He also teaches one to one to adults and university students. Kevan has collaborated in translating the web sites for the festivals of both Cremona and Piacenza. Following our acceptance as an examination centre, Kevan qualified in administering English exams for Pearsons, City and Guilds and LCCI. He teaches at an independent primary school in Chelsea and Kensington. Before moving to London he lived in the ancient Roman capital Winchester where he taught in both government and private schools. He currently has the responsability for delivering and supporting literacy and reading schemes. He teaches art, design and technology as well as being a support teacher including supporting ESL across all age levels within the school. He also has a part time career within the music world dealing in Public Relations (PR), which involves media collaboration, research, arranging interviews and press coverage for music related projects. Prior to teaching He worked as a Personal Assistant and Administrator Manager for a finance company as well as marketing and customer services. Kevan is friendly, flexible and professional. He is responsive to the different reasons people have for wanting to learn English. Moreover he understands the different factors that effect people's ability to learn, and to the different attitudes and cultural perspectives people bring to learning. He adapts his teaching approaches to the workshops in a sensitive and suitable use of materials and resources, employing a variety of learning activities to achieve learning outcomes. He is passionate about what he does and focuses on helping students gain greater confidence in the English language and conversation.Kevan comes to us highly recommended in his references and brings a wide range of skills and experiences to Spazio Forum enabling him to deliver carefully and creatively an effective way to learn English conversation. Kevan has taken and passed the interlocutor course for conducting the spoken exams for the studio. In the UK Kevan has undergone the necessary checks and training to be able to work safely with children.
di Luigi Fabemoli
Professionista disciplinato ai sensi della Legge 4/2013
C.F.: FBMLGU75M04I849X - P. Iva: 03443710987